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Nature's most Nutritious & Delicious Health Food providing the Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins. Eaten with Milk or Cream they make a nourishing difference to the daily diet.

That majority of kids in India skip breakfast despite it being the most important meal of the day!

Just like car needs petrol to run, you need the right foods in the right quantities to get you going too! Breakfast cereals give the fuel you need as they provide you with important nutrients such as carbohydrates. This will give you the energy to keep active and perform to your best throughout the morning.
  PACK SIZES - Box - 30g
INGREDIENTS - Rolled Oats and Oat brean
Take two cups boiling water, add a pinch of salt.Then add one cup Kwality Oats and cook for 5 to 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve hot with sugar and milk or cream.For variety serve with syrup, fresh or preserved fruits, coconuts, dates or other flavours.

Kwality Oats added to soup make it creamier & more delicious. Make your soup as usual, then add 1 level tablespoon Kwality Oats for each cup of soup. Boil again for 5 minutes.

Oat Health Drink:
Soak one cup Kwality Oats in 2 cups water for several hours. Strain & add 4 to 8 tablespoonful of this liquid to a glass of water, milk or fruit juice. Add chocolate, vanilla or flavouring of your choice and sweeten to taste.

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