ISO 22000 : 2005 Certified Company
Imparts a unique flavour and taste to Tea, Milk , Coffee & Ukala.
  PACK SIZES - Box - Box - 50g,100 g

INGREDIENTS - Black Pepper, Dry Ginger, Green Elachi, Mulathi, Cloves, Cinnamon.
  To get the best flavour and KWALITY TEA MASALA while you boil water to make tea. For 2 cups of tea 1/4 tsp of KWALITY TEA MASALA will suffice.

KWALITY TEA MASALA not only adds a special flavour to your tea but also makes you come alive with freshness.

KWALITY TEA MASALA can also to be used to make Ukala. Ukala is a hot brew of milk, water, sugar and a pinch of KWALITY TEA MASALA. Ukala is ideal for those who neeed to take milk but do not like plain. This Masala is also used in milk, coffee.

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